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Designed For All-Night Comfort
Protect Your Ears, No more Painful Earbuds
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Happiness consists of getting perfet sleep.
This is just awesome! I’m used to go to bed listening to music but having my phone under the pillow was an unsafe thing to do. I’m glad I found this product because it doesn’t only plays music, it also gives me a complete black out so I can fall asleep even if there’s light (like when I get to nap during the day). I think this product is very well made, super soft and plushy, quite comfortable and if a leave it a little loose I can actually sleep on my side.
Dear sleep, I’m sorry we broke up this morning. I want you back!
I purchased these headphones for my insomnia issues. I use these sleep headphones to listen to music at bedtime, the sound is pretty good and it has a nice grip but not tight, headband is very comfortable. They are rechargeable but the charge seems to last a long time. Has a very good warranty. Definitely worth the money!
When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap
These are super soft! I used it mainly in the morning when the light is starting to come into the room and fell back into a deep sleep. Woke up later than normal. The music option lets me put on soothing music to help with falling back asleep.
Fall Asleep Faster With Music 
Listening to relaxing music before bed is proven to help you fall asleep faster. sleep longer, and wake up less during the night. 
Fall asleep in half the time
Light and noise block out 
Eases stress and anxiety 
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ProSleepBuddy- Your Best Sleep Companion

Fall asleep half the time: Effortlessly and instantly sleep in relaxation anywhere and anytime. 

Bluetooth headphones: Listen to any podcast, music, audiobook, and even white noise to help you de-stress, increase the duration of your sleep, and decrease any insomnia symptoms.

Suitable for all kinds of sleepers: Whether you're a side-sleeper or you just love to roll-over while sleeping, wearing this mask won't be any less effective. It is designed for all kinds of sleeping positions.
Dark Grey
Sable Black

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ProSleepBuddy Sleeping Mask
Let us show you how our ProSleepBuddy will help you
Designed For All-Night Comfort
ProSleepBuddy is a one-size-fits-all mask made with breathable, cooling fabrics that stay cool all night & the built-in speakers are extremely slim and won't cause any discomfort. You'll forget you're even wearing it.
Premium Sound
ProSleepBuddy uses thin Hi-Fi speakers to create an immersive audio experience that's perfect for music, white noise, audiobook, and podcasts. The battery charges quickly via micro USB & can play up to 10 hours of music!
Protect Your Ears, No More Painful Earbuds
Traditional earbuds & pods are proven to damage your ears after multiple uses, especially if you use them as you sleep. Not only are they extremely uncomfortable but they also cause painful inflammation around your ear cartilage which can result in a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and even minor hearing loss.
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John Lion
Great for relaxation! This is great to relax, shut your eyes, and just think. It comes with everything needed including a carrying case which is awesome. It is easy to operate and very comfortable on the face. It is made well and the coolest mask I have personally ever seen. I really like this thing. It allows me to really clear and head and just breathe.
Jane Chang
 Slept like a baby! I am very happy with this purchase! I am quite impressed with the quality of sound! I am a side sleeper and I find it very comfortable to wear even if I fall asleep!
Sarah O.
The Only product  i needed I got this due to having a partner that snores a lot for the first time I used it I got a full night sleep without hearing any noise around me great product and very comfortable to sleep with on
Greg C.
Amazed with the quality This is the real deal, simply amazing, nice speakers, nice volume and audio quality, extremely comfortable and the battery last a lot.
Find anything you want to know about our product
How comfortable are the headphones to sleep on?
These are extremely comfortable, very soft and stay cool. You can also adjust the position of the speaker and they are really comfortable. 
How is the sound quality of this over ear bluetooth headphones ?
The sound quality itself is very good and comparable to any other headphones. There can be an issue with the speakers moving slightly during the night, and away from your ear, which of course makes it sound much quieter than when you have them positioned correctly.
Would the person beside you hear the music coming out from the mask?
No they don't hear it
Does the position of the bluetooth eye mask's speaker match the ear?
You can adjust the position of the speaks inside the mask. It fits comfortably over eyes. The sound is good, but laying on you side with the speaker on tour ear, you could find it uncomfortable. I keep adjusting them.
Can I return if not satisfied?
We're proud to offer a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee on the ProSleepBuddy Sleeping Mask with Headphones. Not happy? No problem! Just follow our money-back guarantee protocol to receive a full refund.
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